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VAT Calculator India
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How to use this VAT calculator (India)?

First, enter an amount the in amount section, then select Add VAT or Exclude VAT, then enter VAT percentage. After that click on Enter. You will get your answer. Now, you will be able to Download a Print of your result.

Note: Press the TAB button to switch cell and press enter to calculate.

The VAT rate in India?

The VAT rate in India lies between 1% to 15%. For Tea, cooking oil, medicine VAT rate lies between 4% to 5%.

  • Nil: Essential Goods
  • 1%: Gold, Precious Stones, Silver, Pearls
  • 4 - 5%: Products used daily
  • 12% - 15%: alcohol, cigarettes and luxury items

About this VAT Calculator.

Our motive behind making this calculator is to provide a VAT calculator to Indian people in rupees. This online VAT calculator helps you to calculate VAT inclusive and VAT exclusion. You can easily print your result using this online vat calculator with just one click.